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what he really wants

Why Men Pull Away

You will be given the blueprint to how the men mind works. It may be the difference between being the girl that always get dumped and the one that he hangs on to and marries.

?You will finally discover why men pull away, why they don't choose to open up emotionally, why they lose interest, and exactly how to be a woman they desire and love.

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ways to make a relationship better

Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series

Ultimate Attraction Transformation Series from Meet Your Sweet has two separate publications, one for men and one for women. Each issues are quite separate and have its own unique material for each gender. They have avoided that annoying habit of relabelling a woman's product for men, or vice versa. It's all neatly laid out over 70-100 pages per issue.

?Inside the ebooks, it has two-column layout with up-to-date style that suits the vibe of the series cover a number of relevant and skills-based topics towards transforming your approach to attraction and developing a successful relationship.

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why men do what they do

Melt Your Men's Heart

Authored by Licensed Therapist Randall Bennett with the research designed from respected online publisher MarriageSherpa.com delivers real-world advice based on 25 years of counseling experience.

?Inside Melt Your's Man's Heart will teach women exactly how to become the only woman he'll ever want. It will takes you straight into your man's heart, showing his deepest needs and desires.

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